Digital Cartoon Caricature Artists

The Pop Toons Live Digital Cartoon Caricature Station is for event planners that is looking for something different, something eye-catching!

Digital cartoon caricaturists are the “next thing” in event entertainment. It’s live art performance gone digital. The ultra-modern update to the traditional caricaturist drawing on paper. A cool live art showcase is created by using low profile HD TV screens to display the digital toons being drawn. The high tech caricaturist uses a  touchscreen digital tablet or ipad as the canvas and new school cartooning techniques to create the most stunning digital caricatures. Everyone receives a high resolution 4×6 photo print of their caricature and the option to email them or post to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pop Toons Live, digital artists are the best of a rare breed. See for yourself, the pictures are amazing.


It’s all about the display! Much of the Jaw Dropping Factor is in the displaying of the cartoon caricatures being created in real time.  For small events we use a 24” flat panel screen which is beautiful, though we can connect to larger multi screen displays and projectors. The possibilities and endless, when you’re ready to get the creative juices flowing.

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Pop Toons Live