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Sunday Max Live - Canvas Guestbook

A hilarious Mad magazine style caricature for Max’s comedy Improv themed Bar Mitzvah. This feel good cartoon parodies his love of justice, politics and sports. Max’s digital image will be used as his official logo and will be printed on a 2’ x 3’ canvas. The canvas will serve as his guest book, inviting his friends and family to sign or “tag’ the portrait with their names and inspirational messages. The comedic cartoon caricature canvas is a creative way to pull the Sunday Max Live theme together. Hosted at Miami’s Villain Theater, Bar Mitzvah guests will be entertained by sketch comedy and improv shows.

Max’s avatar logo wears a “Feel The Bern” t-shirt in support of the hopeful democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and a hat from his favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. He is also holding the Scales of Justice.

Venue - Villain Theater | Miami's Finest Improv

Cartoon Caricature Artist - Carlos, Pop Toons Live

For commissioned cartoon and comic style illustrations call Pop Toons Live at 305-918-2975.



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